Amp Your Light

Amp Your Life



Are you ready to LIVE your PURPOSE?

Yes, I'm ready!

Have you felt yourself searching for something more?  More balance, more calm, more enthusiasm, more abundance, more connection…Or maybe more YOU?!

You may be feeling lack of connection not just to others, but to your authentic self.  You may be looking around and wondering,

“Is this it?’

"Am I showing up as my TRUE SELF?"

"Am I acting on my Soul's Vision?"

"Am I impacting the world as I had hoped?" 

What's included in this program?

How do you go from feeling disconnected, unsure, weary, or stuck, to your fully expressive, abundant, light filled self that is TRULY living your Soul's Purpose?

With the "Amp Your Light, Amp Your Life" program you go on a journey to support your mind, body, and spirit. Utilizing all my tools to help you feel better on every level- Physical, Emotional, Spiritual and Energetic. Expanding and creating that lit up life you have been craving. Creating forward momentum towards your big "WHY" Your big vision, your soul's calling is waiting for you to step forward and say, "YES!"

During your program the curriculum will cover these six areas of focus...


Connecting with your body on all levels. Support in movement and breath work. You learn to unleash energy that is not serving your highest good. Focusing on self care to serve you during you transformation. Connecting and grounding down through your body, and listening to its divine wisdom.


Feeling Aimless? Time to look at limiting beliefs and lineage that have kept you stuck in the same old patterns. Instances where energy could be playing out with mind chatter, or limiting beliefs that may be running through your ancestry. Energy work and mindset continue your level of expansion at a higher level.


What is your vibe? What would you like it to be? The sky is the limit as we look at the power of emotions and energy combined. How they can impact everything from your day-to-day to your big goals and dreams. Align with what you truly want in your life. Manifest your lit up life: love, gratitude and joy are just the beginning!


Connecting with your spiritual team on the next level. Your soul, your highest self, is here to support you in this life. We will look at your spiritual journey and welcome in unconditional love at the highest level and explore your own spiritual connection.


Life can have obstacles. My methods will help you grow through your challenges instead of letting them stop you on your life’s journey. Creating a tool kit to help you consciously create your soul aligned life.


Expand what is possible with mindset, mantra, and meditation. Amplify all the gorgeous light that's inside of you, and let it shine out as you focus on moving confidently forward to create that life that LIGHTS YOU UP!

In this program, you'll be supported with:

  • Holistic Life Coaching, Embodiment, and Energy Healing Sessions
  • Group sessions of support and transformation twice a month.
  • Expansive in-depth modules, over a 6 month period.
  • Access to Heather's online events (ex. SoulFlow™, embodiment, meditation, groups, and energy workshops)
  • Monthly one on one sessions of support

This is a sacred container of high vibration and transformation for heart led women who are ready to commit to something more. Linking arms with me, and getting clear on what could be possible during our time together. I help you gain clarity and forward momentum in creating your lit up life. It is your time to shine! If you have felt the call to step forward, this is for you. Your light is needed now.

I see your light.

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My name is Heather McCormick Rimey, Founder of WHR (Wild Hair Ranch) Healing. I'm help women visionaries live their LIGHT. I’m a Master Energy Healer, Holistic Life Coach, and Psychic Medium. I marry Ancient Wisdom and Modern Modalities to support your Mind, Body, and Spirit because I believe that you can feel even better, and create that life you are longing for.        

I am on a mission to help heart centered, ambitious women, connect with their Soul's truth, and create that lit up life of purpose they've been craving. I’ve helped so many women already in creating that expansive, beautifully soul aligned life. And, I’m ready to help you do the same!  

Start the conversation by reaching out to book your discovery call with me today.  

Your time to shine is now, there’s no need to wait any longer.  Your light is needed right now in the world.

I am here to boost you into your next phase of life you had only dared to dream about.

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Rebecca's Story:

"During a major life transition, Heather's sessions created an amazing "container of support" as I learned how to shift into and maintain a higher vibration. I was letting go of an old story that was holding me back and with Heather's support and guidance it is happening! I now can quickly recognize the old thought patterns and associated feelings when they come up without judging myself. I have the tools to shift to that higher vibration. Heather also connected with my spirit guides during our sessions and provided messages that resonated deeply with exactly what I was experiencing at that point in my journey. The messages spoke to my doubt, confusion and impatience providing the reassurance I needed to keep going.

What I enjoyed most is Heather's contagious joy and loving presence. It's transformative! I also appreciated that I left each session with a "toolbox" of practices, all of which I continue to use daily. I feel equipped with so much learning from my sessions and tools for whatever arises. Heather is incredibly grounded and offers a wealth of practical, effective practices to navigate the uncertainty of big transitions. If you are ready to up-level, you want to work with Heather!"

Amp Your Light, Amp Your Life

and LIVE your Purpose!

This six month program is exactly what you need to have that soul aligned life you desire.

Together, we will create great transformation, and design a roadmap for your continued expansion.

You go from Dreaming it, to Real Life-ing It! Taking concrete actions forward into your next phase, at your higher level.

Take 30 minutes to discuss your goals, and say, "YES!" to your Soul.